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A mad sorcerer or sorceress has recently been defeated. The Enchanted Forest they held complete dominion over is finally accessible - but is it safe? Their powerful magic has seeped into the earth, twisting and changing what lives there. The local monarch has commissioned a field guide to the creatures who live inside the previously inaccessible forest. What will you find there?


- About:   A solo (or solitaire) artistic/epistolary role-playing experience using written text and/or artwork for the player to describe their character’s journey within the Enchanted Forest. That said, a group or pair could play asynchronously and suggestions for such games are touched upon.

- Gameplay:   Players use prompts and 6-sided dice rolls on various random tables to guide them through weeks or months of a fantasy-world naturalist's stay within an enchanted forest. Characters will encounter strange creatures and mysterious people, which the player(s) will design and describe in their diaries or journals to create the field guide to their own Enchanted Forest. The random events sometimes include the gain or loss of a Morale stat that simulates the character's health and mental fortitude. The game ends when your character either chooses to leave the forest to return to civilization or pushes their luck too far and dies.

- Necessary materials:  One or more 6-sided dice (or dice rolling app), something to write/draw on, and something to write/draw with.

- In Playtesting phase:   The game is not quite finished yet! There wasn't time to get a proper playtest in the time I had to complete the game jam, so there may be typos and possibly portions of cut game concepts that I didn't catch and delete when doing the editing final pass. There also may be game imbalances that didn't appear in my personal tests. Please let me know if you have any feedback by emailing at tatzelwurmtavern@gmail.com

- Free:  This version will always remain free! Eventually, I will make an alternative version with illustrations and updated rules, but this version should be perfectly playable, if unpolished.


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